Adventure Report: Texas

Winter break is a skier’s treasure. Five weeks of vacation un-interrupted by class or work, and just a short break spent with family for the holidays. This obligation-free time period is perfect for last minute drives across the country. While the search for powder is normally a priority, this first trip went a little differently.

The evening of the 23rd my brother pitched the idea that we drive from Minneapolis to Southern Texas to visit our grandparents. Less than 48 hours later we were on the road for grandparent’s love and sun. The winding hills of the Midwest definitely lead us over several rivers, however we skip the whole through the woods ordeal, because Midwest.

I can tell you this much, I35 doesn’t change much from Minnesota to Texas. The flint hills in Kansas provided scenery for a meager 45 miles or so, but in all reality, until you really hit the south, it might as well all be the same. My accent is heavy in an entirely different way than the Texans. We enjoyed world famous Texan BBQ just outside of Austin at a place called ‘The Salt Lick”.

Our arrival in southern Texas was sunny, and I thought I might actually catch a tan while I was down there. But I spoke too soon. We headed to the beach the next day and I took a stab at surfing in the Gulf off of South Padre Island on a cloudy overcast day. It’s really not too difficult to bare colder water as a Minnesotan. But better waves in SoCal or elsewhere, I’ll see you soon.

Spanish influence is definitely prevalent in the area, it’s funny cause the US will put up fence on the border, but it stretches a whole 100ft at times to block a road and then disappears again. I wish I had my camera on our quick trip down to Progresso, Mexico. While heavily traveled to by Americans, it’s interesting to see the change a simple country border can do in terms of roads and architecture.

So that’s Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas added to my grand list of states I’ve been to. All of which I had no real interest in visiting in the first place, and now minimal interest in returning to. However a new part of the country was seen with sideways stoplights, large interstate interchanges, and plentiful oilrigs.

From the Whataburger in my stomach to my next adventure next week-



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