Skiers for Sustainability

Skiers for sustainability (SFS), is a completely made up acronym however one that I would believe needs more attention. Maybe it was just a fluke of a season, or the past few seasons, but climate change is not a mystery to those of us who love snow. Organizations such as Protect Our Winters (POW) have been addressing this issue for years and here are a few actions I have incorporated into my life so that I can ski when I’m 80.

Simply Straws

50 million plastic straws go into our landfills each day. Think of every soft drink from a restaurant, every Starbucks iced drink- I look around my classroom and cringe at all the green straws I see sticking out of plastic cups. It’s not only the straws, but the plastic cups as well. You’d be surprised how easy it is to throw a glass straw in it’s carrying case and bring it with you as you go to restaurants. While I recommend using your own cup as well (I use a glass mason jar and it pairs well with the straw), I understand it’s not always the primary accessory you want to throw in your backpack or purse.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.14.59 AM

My Mason Jar, Glas Straw & Hand-Sewn Sleeve

“For Here” Cups

Did you know at most coffee shops & fast food restaurants you can get your drink in a mug or glass instead of a throw away cup? It’s simple.


Granted I live in the most bike friendly city in the country, but do you really need a car to get to your friend’s house that lives only a few miles away? Same goes for the three grocery items you can easily fit in a backpack. You’d be amazed what you find exploring on a bike, you get exercise, and save on gas. 


#IBikedHere #NotMyBike #PhotoFromInstagram #Minneapolis


Canvas Shopping Bag

Your canvas shopping bag has probably spent 5 years on the back of your door handle by now, but why not try keeping it by the door and bring it with you on quick errands. Go to your local grocer or Target and recycle those plastic bags that have been collecting in your coat closet, and make an effort to put your reusable bags in action. In states that don’t charge you for bags in the first place, you often get a small discount for bringing your own anyway (same goes for cups at coffee shops!).

Recyclable Food Containers

You’d be surprised at how many plastic food containers from the grocery store you can actually recycle after you rinse them out. Just check the bottom for that recycle symbol and reduce what you throw into the landfill.


Last, but definitely not least! Self explanatory :). For more info on what can be composted:

It’s easy, explore what you can do to make a difference and support sustainable companies. Cheers to skiing powder when we’re old. Do the little things.


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