I don’t know if I really remember crashing of if I just painted a photo in my head. I remember sitting on the ground and seeing my sunglasses lens on the other side of the trail. Brian rode up behind me and I remember him putting my sunglasses back together. I think I had flipped my bike over to throw the chain back on as I was standing up. Brian was saying to me “you’re in shock”, as my legs were shaking. I felt put together, declared I was going to walk up to an easier trail, and ride down.

On the trail I remember thinking to myself I’m going camping tonight- who am I going with? However I couldn’t for the life of me remember who. From there, I blacked out so to say. I have no memory of riding down, and short segments of memories start flashing back in while I was sitting in ski patrol as they were cleaning out my cuts. I remember seeing Brian out of the corner of my right eye on the other side of the patrol room. I know they took my pulse and I know I signed my name at the bottom of a bright yellow sheet of paper.

The next thing I remember is seeing some friends at the base of the mountain and walking my bike to my car. I packed my stuff in and waited for my ride home. Apparently the whole way home I was talking in circles and saying “hahaha damnit” over and over again. That first night I didn’t really sleep at all because my body was in such pain and I only had ibuprofen- which is a blood thinner and due to the risk of bleeding in my brain, I wasn’t allowed to take.

It’s been a week now and I’m doing really well. Although I probably maxed out on acetaminophen the days following the accident, my body is healing up well now. I’m still sore on my right side where I smashed and got cut up, not to mention there’s a crack in the interior hard-foam portion of my helmet. But my headaches are dull and sometimes non-existent, and I’m getting my coordination and cognitive functions back stronger everyday.

So a healthy reminder to always wear a helmet in any ‘extreme sport’ endeavors you may undertake. Protect your noggin and protect ya neck. Don’t take concussions too lightly.


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