It’s Chile… (part1)

I’m off playing a game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” with myself and somehow ended up in the Southern Hemisphere.

I flew out of MSP on May 15th and less than 24 hours later woke up in Santiago, Chile. It was clear from day one with Mountains to my east and the Ocean to my west I was going to enjoy it here.

I attend school at Pontifico Catholico Universidad de Valparaíso, and reside in the neighboring town of Viña del Mar. My lovely host family consists of my two younger sisters Alexía & Consuelo, my mom Angelíca, and my grandparents who visit the house almost daily.

Click images to enlarge**

Valparaíso, Chile is known for their abundance of stray dogs. They’re at every crosswalk, beach, and really whenever and wherever you look. But besides needing a little bit of a bath, they’re the friendliest and smartest dogs I’ve ever seen (Mom I’m trying really hard not to bring one home). The little puppy above on the left is my host family’s sweet little monster Augustine- I adore him until he breaks out into puppy fever destroying everything in his path. My host mom says she’s sending him back to the states with me (ha, ha).

Sea Lions! (“Lobos Marinos”)

I spend Monday – Friday from 8:30-11:35 in class at PCUV then have the freedom to take small day trips to explore, or indulge in nice long naps. Last week we headed about 20 minutes north to Concón to check out the sand dunes on the water. Ended up being a bit chilly but plenty of incredible views overlooking the sea.

Friends on the left, colorful streets of Valpo on the right.

Three more weeks of school then I’m off for more adventures and skiing!




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