Chile pt. 2 – San Pedro de Atacama

When I first dreamt about coming to Chile it was for the same reason most people would dream of this destination- Patagonia. Unfortunately we’re settled right in the heart of winter, making that trip difficult, but last weekend I went somewhere just as beautiful- San Pedro de Atacama.

San Pedro de Atacama is located in the Northern region of Antofagasta. While the town boasts a small population (less than 5,000 individuals), they host tourists from all over the world who come to see the incredible scenery. We flew into Calama which less than a two hour flight from Santiago, and then had about an hour drive southeast to San Pedro.

Most of the features were at higher elevations, hence the lack of growth and abundance of clothes I’m hiding in (I thought I was going to get to warm up in the desert!). Nonetheless, add this place to your bucket list, I struggled looking through my pictures and believing the whole thing was real after all.

Day 1: Arrival & Valle De La Luna

After arriving to San Pedro in the afternoon, we immediately got settled into our airbnb and got dressed to go for a short sunset hike out to Valle De La Luna. This place was incredible and got me stoked for the adventures to come.

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Day 2: Lagunas Antiplancas, Piedras Rojas, Salar de Talar, Flamingo National Reserve

Day 3: Monjes de La Pakana, Monjes Blancos, Salar de Tara

Day 4: Geysers del Tatio

Third largest geyser field in the world, Yellowstone being the first (I’m spoiled). Spend most of this morning bundled up in my jacket- even took a dip in the area’s hot spring ‘pool’, however it wasn’t even hot, making that short lived.


~9 more days! Time to ski!


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